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Dryer Vent Cleaning 

Everyone cleans their lint catcher when they dry a load of laundry. What a lot of people don't realize is that little particles of lint can still slip through into the exhaust vent and build up over time. This lint buildup can be very dangerous, and make your dryer less effective. 

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How To Know You Need Your Dryer Vent Cleaned...

There are a few things that could be an indication that you need your dryer vents cleaned. Here are some of the things you should look for...

  • It takes more than one cycle to dry your clothes
  • It's very hot around your dryer
  • You smell a burning when running your dryer
  • You haven't had your vents cleaned in over a year
  • There is lint coming out of the vent

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Lint Build Up Is A Serious Fire Hazzard

House Fire.jpgAccording to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are about 15,000 fires every year caused by lint buildup in dryer vents. This is something that is easily preventable, by simply making sure your dryer vent is clean and clear.

What happens is the buildup of lint creates a blockage, and the heat from your dryer has nowhere to go. When the moisture and heat have nowhere to go, it causes the dryer to work harder, and hotter, causing a fire. 

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Professional Vent & Duct Cleaning & Video Inspection Services

As an added bonus to our dryer vent and duct cleaning services, we work with video inspection cameras to ensure the best results. Roto-Vision Video Inspection Cameras expose the debris inside your ducts and vents, allowing you to see exactly what is impacting your HVAC system efficiency and potentially, your health. With expert service from Bovio and innovative tools, you’ll finally be able to enjoy cleaner air and decreased energy bills.


Contact Bovio at (856) 272-7000 for higher standards of workmanship throughout Cherry Hill, Gloucester, Haddonfield, Marlton, Sewell, and Voorhees.  Every service is handled by a factory-trained, NATE-certified, and fully licensed specialist.  Our team is ACCA and BPI certified and qualified as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.  We utilize the most advanced equipment available to deliver maximum results without damage to your ductwork.  With convenient scheduling, quick turnaround, organized job sites, and meticulous cleanup, we earn your satisfaction in every way possible.  Feel free to call us for further information and to answer any questions you may have.  As a family owned business, Bovio takes a great deal of pride in making your life easier.

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Lint Alert from Bovio

A great new piece of technology that will help you get ahead of the problems with your Dryer Vent is the Lint Alert System. It's plugs directly into your dryer vent, and tests the air flow to make sure there isn't a blockage that could lead to a fire. Using a series of lights and notifications, you will stay on top of your dryer vent cleaning, and greatly reduce the risk of a serious problem with your dryer. 

Lint Alert For Your Home

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If you haven't had the ducts of your home or business cleaned in the past year, or your dryer vents taken care of, it's something you should most certainly do. Fill out the form to the right to talk to someone from Bovio about Duct Cleaning!